Bella Candles

Welcome to our Gourmet Candle Site! offers several very unique products!
We've got long burning votive candles and longer burning 16 oz. jar candles.
Our amazing Cinnamon Bun candles will make your mouth water!
We also offer Soap Bars & Botanical Body Wash -
a luxurious soap alternative that will leave your skin in a state of bliss!

Bella Buns

One of the first things you will notice about our large 16 oz. jar candles is they burn evenly and leave no black soot ring around the rim of the jar. No soot on the jar means no soot in your home! 80-120 hours burn time.

Our votive candles are a compact 2.5 oz. and carry an amazing aromatic "punch"! Each votive will burn a generous 10-15 hours. Only a few perfume the entire house!
Our Cinnamon Bun Candles are pieces of art! Fill your home with the fresh-baked, mouthwatering aroma of cinnamon rolls with vanilla icing melting down the sides!

Scent Team Turn your shower into a treat! Our natural soy-botanical Soap Bars are formulated to be used to shower, shave and shampoo! Contains essential oils and theraputic essences. Available in 4 fantastic scents.
Our Body Wash is a rich, creamy formula that cleans as it protects with soy, aloe and white tea extract. Use on your face or body and indulge!
A new product just as fantastic as the rest is our
liquid hand soap. Your kitchen shouldn't be without this! Refresh and scent your car with our Apple Orchard car freshener. It's unlike any other! For autos or RV's.



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